About Us

Young United Parents! (YUP!) is a holistic, health and well-being website for young parents aged 15-24, created to support and honor their experiences and help them thrive in all areas of life. YUP! helps parents interact with a community of peers to reduce stigma and social isolation, provides a range of medically accurate information through inspiring videos and articles, promotes goal achievement through an easy-to-use tool, and facilitates access to national resources.

YUP! was developed using human-centered design in close collaboration with young mothers and fathers across the country, along with the support of numerous organizations and service providers. YUP! is currently guided by a team of young parents who give input on all aspects of the program.

We thank the following young parents, other individuals, and organizations for their assistance with the development of the program:

Young Parents: We have collaborated with over 150 incredible young mothers and fathers on YUP! since 2018. In particular, we’d like to thank YUP! Team Members, who have helped design all program content and features, and continue to guide the program.

YUP! Team Members (past and present): Pablo Alarcón, Dulce Estrada, Maile Chand, Alondra Aragon, Joel Ramirez, Edina Wade, Marisol Carrillo Gomez, Carla Dinarte, Courtney Williams, Sashay Wright, Keona Rose, Denise Guzman, Capri Booker, Anahi Martinez, Jay Curtis, Divine Hilliard, Justice McNeil, Rico Myers, Calyssa Longoria, Keona Rose, Idreyonna Knox, and Deja Williams.

Original concept development team: Jenna Gaarde, Joann Schladale, Aaron Plant

Additional individuals who provided support and ideas for YUP!:

  • Bria Hamlet
  • Ceci Trujillo
  • Danielle Rice
  • Elizabeth Sabatiuk
  • Frederic Fasano
  • Janelle King
  • Judy Toretti
  • Katy Suellentrop
  • Laura Lloyd
  • Lisa Mishraky-Javier
  • Melonie Pinder
  • Teresa Mata
  • Travis Neller

Organizations that provided support and ideas for YUP!:

  • Center for the Study of Social Policy
  • El Nido Family Centers
  • Fresno Barrios Unidos
  • IDEO
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • n-Tonic
  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • Power to Decide
  • Stepping Up Together Eaton
  • Sunset Youth Services
  • Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP)
YUP! was initially supported through the Innovation Next grant initiative, led by Power to Decide. The project was supported, in part, by funding from the HHS Office of Population Affairs and Administration for Children & Families. YUP! contents are solely the responsibility of Sentient Research and do not represent the official views of these agencies.

We would like to dedicate YUP! to Lanitra Williams, Maternity Maven, who herself was a young parent. We are extremely grateful for her contributions to YUP! and her public service.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding YUP!, please contact us.